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HAVM Lecture: Chronic Diarrhea in the Dog and Cat – April 2015

Chronic Diarrhea in the Dog and Cat
This is the lecture presented by Dr. Webb at the April 2015 HAVM Lecture.

Veterinarian Appreciation Day 2014

CE Credit – 4.5 hours
Attending Veterinary Appreciation Day 2014 has been approved for 4.5 CE hours. For details, please see the OVMA Credit Recognition document.

A Potpourri of Canine Mitral Valve Disorders.

Critical Care
Acute pancreatitis in the dog.

Dog Maxillary 2nd +/- 1st Molar Tooth Extraction Made Easier with Introduction of a Less-Anatomically Disruptive Closure Technique.

“I’ve tried X, Y & Z … Why is nothing working?” Common Reasons for Dermatologic Treatment Failures.

Internal Medicine
Should We Be Performing Wellness Blood and Urine Testing?

An Overview of Canine Cataracts and Their Management.

Subcutaneous Masses: When To Aspirate, Biopsy, Remove or Refer? Surgical Tips and Discussion with Clients.

Association / Individual Lectures 2014

Diabetes Mellitus (Dr. Webb)
Diabetes Mellitus in the Cat and Dog.