Canine Blood Donor Program

Program Information

Thank you for taking an interest in our blood donor program. In 2014 the hospital used over 110 units of blood and related blood products. We have also made over 250 units available to the veterinary community. This is an invaluable service providing blood throughout Ontario and relies entirely on the generosity of volunteers.

To be eligible to enter this program your pet needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. Your pet must be greater than 25 kg (55 pounds).
  2. Your pet must be greater than 1 year of age and less than 8 years of age.
  3. Your pet must have a docile temperament.
  4. Your pet must not have a history of receiving blood transfusions.
  5. Your pet should be in good health and free of any disease.
  6. Your pet must not be on any medications other than standard preventative care such as heartworm, flea or tick prevention.

If your pet meets the above criteria please fill out the form below.

All blood donors are screened for infectious diseases. Every animal will have the following tests performed at no charge to you. Additional testing may be required for some dogs.

  1. Complete blood count
  2. Biochemistry panel
  3. Blood typing
  4. Urinalysis
  5. Fecal testing
  6. Heartworm testing
  7. Tick borne disease testing

Once we have received your application we will contact you to set up a future appointment.

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